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View of a Seychelle beach

Itinerary 🌍

Praslin in 2 days
Beaches, boat, snorkelling and turtles
La Digue in 3 days
Wild beaches and biking
Mahé in 3 days
Tours and chill

General Tips 👏

  • Everything is generally overpriced (higher than London) so budget accordingly.
  • It’s a super safe country, we left our bags on the beach few times without issues.
  • There’s public transport but renting a car is by far the best and the easiest.
  • Tour organizer use Whatsapp and are usually very helpful. Do not hesistate to ask them to organize other things for you.
  • Plugs/Socket are the same as in England.
  • Bring cash euros if you can. Locals converts from EUR to SCR at the ‘bank’ rate (x14) if paying in SCR which is much more expensive.
  • There’s ATM on the three islands, but paying by card is not possible everywhere so keep some cash with you.
  • The boat between Praslin and Mahe can be very wavy so we recommend flying (more expensive but super chill and much faster).
  • Transfer between the jetty and hotel/airport can be booked in advance for a really good price via
  • There’s only three hours of time difference with London.
  • It’s the only archipelagos in the world with granite base/formation.

Budget 💸

For this one, we spent a lot of money, specially because it was our honeymoon, so our daily budget would not be super relevant. However we think planning for 150£/day would be tight-ish ok, with the following breakdown:

  • Hotel: 100£/night for two persons in average.
  • Food: 10£/person for a take-away lunch, 60£/pers nice dinner.
  • Activities: 120£/pers for a day-trip on boat.
  • Transport: 50£/day for renting a car

Transportation 🚃

We rented a car on both Mahe and Praslin, simply by looking up car rental on Google Maps, copying the contact number and sending them a message on Whatsapp. It’s a good idea to do so a bit in advance of your trip since those car rental usually have only one or two vehicles, hence run out of availability quite fast.

For both rental, the process was super smooth. Either getting there or having the car delivered, quick inspection with video, paiment and here we go! Here are the agencies we used, also check directly with your hotel:

Public transport (bus) is also a possibility and the network is quite extended. However we recommend a car if you want no fuss and save some time.

Regarding transport between islands, there is either the boat or the plane. Plane is much better, chill and faster, but at the same time much more expensive. Airports are also far from the pier/jetties, so transfer in car/taxi needs to be counted too.

We flew from Mahe to Praslin, took a boat from Praslin to La Digue and took the boat from La Digue to Mahe, and felt that was the best trade-off price/time wise. We booked the planes tickets directly on the AirSeychelles website, and the boat tickets along with jetty tranfers on which was perfect.

Note 1: Boat between Praslin and La Digue is 20 minutes

Note 2: The jetty on Praslin is 30 minutes car to the airport

Note 3: It’s possible to move booked flight earlier for domestic flight at the airport office. Good idea is to book a late flight, and if arriving early change it onsite.

Apps 💾

  • Netflix: Perfect for wavy boat transfers.
  • XCurrency: Offline and up-to-date currency rates.
  • TravelSpend: Log and budget your expenses day by day.
  • Free offline map of the world, including trail paths to checkout viewpoints.
  • AirBnB and The best to find cheap accommodations.

Food 🍗

Overall, we basically did the yearly fish and seafood cure. We ate fish in all possible sauces and variations, and enjoy every bits of it.

You’ll find kitchen from everywhere on the three islands thanks to tourism, but we would recommend to constantly eat fish/seafood since 10 out of 10 it’ll be super fresh and tasty, most popular being fish curry and kreol food.

Another very common and popular thing is ‘take-away’, small food trucks selling cheap but good fast-food to grab and eat on the beach.

Lastly, tropical islands means tropical fruits. Mango, Cocos, Bananas and Papaya are everywhere!

Telecom 📞

We actually used our work phones on this trip so we didn’t investigated the local operators in depth. However we got excellent signal overall in all the islands, both on 4G and Wifi!

Visas 🛂

No need for visas if you come from UK/EU. Passing the border has been very easy, and the entrance was just a stamp on our passport.

We did however had to fill a passenger form (COVID-related), available on the Seychelle Immigration Website, which was required for boarding.

Hotels 🏠

We booked all our accommodations in advance, by using and had no problems. We usually prefer AirBnB since it came most of the time with a kitchen and bigger space, but most of the full-equiped rooms, known as Self-Catering were also on

The hosts and staff were always speaking english and french and were always great, friendly and helpful. The best is to read reviews (sorted by the worse) while browsing, and book in advance to avoid sold-out places or too expensive rates.

Tourism 🏄🏽‍♀️

We went early October, and found all the islands busy but not too much. We saw plenty of tourist, mainly from Europe, but never saw crowded beaches or restaurants.

The main three islands are very well equiped to receive tourist, both in terms of staff and infrastructures.

Packing List 📦

  • Rain jacket
  • Hikking shoes
  • Water shoes
  • Foldable towel
  • Driving license
  • Moskito repellent
  • Re-usable water bottle
  • Beach gear (towel, swimwear, flip-flops…)
  • Snorkelling gear (mask, snorkel, wetsuit, rashvest and fins if possible)

Overall Experience 🤓

We had a fantastic time in Seychelles for our honeymoon, and would strongly recommend to anyone to get there for chill and sunny holidays. It is actually very hard emotionally to leave once you’re there! Great food, incredible landscapes and beaches, easy to move around, sun and waves, simply perfect and easy to access from Europe with not too much jet-lag. Just make sure to save enough money to enjoy properly!

Hope this was helpful, you can ask us any questions on Instagram.

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