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Tips 👏

  • It’s a pretty big island to get around with good public transports. Renting a car is the best.
  • Plenty of nice areas to stay, including Beau Valon which is very pretty and functional.
  • It’s much more busy, and there’s a lot of traffic on internal roads.
  • There’s a lot of scammer on Beau-Vallon beach selling tour or coco cocktails, be aware!

🏠 Accommodation

We stayed at The Grand Savoy in the heart of Beau Valon and it was fantastic but very very expensive. We went for it as a ‘caprice’ since this trip was our honeymoon, and would recommend if you’re ok to spend around 400GBP/night.

🚲 Getting there

We arrived by boat directly from La Digue in 2h with a very agitated sea (plan for sea sick pills).

⏱ Duration

We stayed three full days but five would have been much better since it’s a big island.

Scuba diving 🤿

Right after checking in at our hotel, we contacted Equinoxe Diving Center on the Beau Vallon beach, and organized two morning dives for the next morning. After an early wake up, we geared up at the center, and left the beach by boat around 9AM.

Both dives were in the nearby Marine National Park, a wonderful little hidden beach with the on-going granite rocks. We’ve been lucky enough to spot to big octopuses, tons of colorful fishes and missed by 5 seconds a whale shark. Visiblity was perfect, as well as the spot. We would actually recommend to get there via a boat tour to enjoy the view and local beach.

The staff was perfect, very kind and relaxed, as well as prices and organization and would 100% recommend if you’re into scuba-diving!

Beaches by car 🚗

We initially planned to chill post-dive but since we had already rented a car at Tropical Car Rental the day before and both felt energetic, we decided to use the afternoon to visit the island by the road. After a delicious fish burger at Leo’s Food Bus, we hopped in the car and started driving south.

About an hour later, we reached the Sauzier Waterfalls and would recommend to get there! After parking the car and paying a small fee, we walked about 5 minutes in the jungle and reach the lovely site, where we could admire a very long and tall waterfall and swim in the bottom lake. Remember to bring your swim suits!


We then jumped back in the car again to reach Petite Anse, the Four Season beach, but we would not recommend. We had to park the car at the top, register, and then walk 10 minutes downhill to reach the beach. Upon arrival, we chilled, swimmed and enjoy the lovely spot, to then walk back up-hill for another 25 minutes. The spot is quite cool but not outstanding for Seychelles, and the walk with drive make it to costly in our opinion!


Finally, we made our way back to Beau Vallon, passing by the other side of the island and making few stops on the way. We were fairly short on time and distances are quite big with small roads, so definitely allow more time if you want to see it all.

Island day-trip 🚤

The following day, we started our last activity of the trip, yet another relaxed boat trip with snorkelling. We managed to book it with the staff of the hotel (probably overpriced but didn’t had time to browse more) for 125eur/person to pay cash on the day all-included.

We got picked-up at 9AM and made our way to the Mahé jetty. From there, we boarded a glass-bottom boat and made our way toward Cerf Island. We stopped on the way to observe the underwater through the glass, as well as snorkelling and jumping from the boat.


After that, we reached Ile Moyenne where we landed and did a hike of the island. There were plenty of super scenic viewpoints and wild beaches, as well as endemic turtles. Post-hike, we jumped back on the boat toward Cerf Island, where we enjoyed a fish BBQ on the beach along with a nap and some beers, before heading back to the jetty and arriving at the hotel around 4PM.


Overall, the tour was pretty touristic and does what it says on the can, but we both enjoyed it very much since it’s a nice way to discover wild islands while relaxing and enjoying the sun!

Restaurants 🍲

  • La Scala: The best restaurant of our trip. Super fresh fish and sea food, delicious pasta, lovely staff!
  • La Perle Noire: Fancy but great food quality and lovely team too.
  • Leo’s Food Bus: Very cheap (for Seychelles) take-away with super tasty food, perfect before heading to the beach. Try the fish burger!

Hope this was helpful, you can ask us any questions on Instagram.

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