Galapagos 🇪🇨 - Isabella

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Tips 👏

  • Wifi and 4G are not working well, no netflix and chill evenings.
  • There’s a 10$/person fee to enter in the island to pay in cash.
  • Try to get the first one in the boat queue for getting the best seats.
  • There’s only one ATM on the island which is not reliable, bring cash.
  • The main city is small and the island is a bit more wild than Santa Cruz.

🏠 Accommodation

We stayed at Hostal Gran Tortuga, island price but huge and clean room with fresh breakfast and lovely staff.

🚲 Getting there

Boat of 2 hours from Santa Cruz, more below.

⏱ Duration

We stayed 6 nights and 5 days and felt that was good duration to discover the island with calm.

Reaching the island 🛥

We booked the early boat leaving at 7:00AM from Santa Cruz for 25$/person. After an early wake-up, we made our way to the pier, arriving at 6:30AM over there. We then looked-out for our boat company, registered and waited until it was our turn.

Once we got called, we started queuing and passed through a security check where we had to open our bloody luggages to look for organic content. After what we boarded a mandatory tiny boat to get transfered to our boat for 0.5$/person. We then finally arrived on our middle-size boat, fitting around 30 persons, where we took a seat and started the journey around 7:30AM.

We were almost the last ones to jump in the boat, which was quite bad because we got the worst seats. The boat ride was 2 hours and very bumpy with the waves. The best was to seat at the back in the middle to have minimal turbulences (but strong motor noise).

After 2 hours, we reached the island shores. We left the boat to another tiny boat to bring us to the pier for another 1$/person. Then we paid another 10$/person to enter the island, and took a shared taxi for 1$/person to our hotel. Long story short, it took us in total 3 hours and 36.5$ to reach the island.


The way back was much smoother. We arrived at the harbor at 5:30AM and paid the 1$/person for the little boat transfer. After a bit of waiting, we’ve boarded the big boat, asked to be at the top with the captain, and started our journey. The sea was calm, and the streams favorable so it took us only 1h40 to reach Santa Cruz. Upon arrival, we went to the same agency to book same day boat to San Cristobal at 3PM.

Turtles centre 🐢

After a power nap at the hotel, we started our 2km walk toward the Giant Tortoise Center. They built a nice pedestrian path in the forest to reach the center, where we saw plenty of iguanas and lonely flamingos. After 20 minutes walk, we entered in the center for free which was quite surprising.


There was around 8 big enclosures, where we saw those reptiles at different ages, from tiny babies to 0.5m sized giants. Most of them were napping besided a couple working on saving the species. We spent one hour more or less to observe the turtles and took some pictures. After, we headed to the Flamingo Lagoon 200m further, where we basically saw nothing and wouldn’t recommend, before heading back to the city with a quick beach break before dinner.